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What is the difference between "Print On Demand" and "Self Publishing"?  

The quickest answer would be that print-on-demand is not self publishing. Any company offering to provide an ISBN number, contract (or aggreement), and pay royalties to the author for the sale of their book is the publisher. With self publishing, the author retains all rights and simply pays for the printing of their book.




Is the process of getting a book published difficult?

It doesn't have to be. The process of publishing a book can be quite simple. At Art Bookbindery we are the company that is "empowering writers to self-publish™" by providing unparalleled customer  service and support, creative ability, technical information, and the highest quality book production; all at an affordable price.


Do you only produce art books?

No. We produce a wide variety of high quality books.


I've seen companies offering to provide a copyright and ISBN number. I've heard this could be a problem. Do you do this as well?

If you are living in the United States, both the copyright and ISBN must be registered by the author in order for an author to maintain the rights to their book. To register your copyright online please go to (this is a $35.00 fee).

Although there are several companies and individuals providing ISBN numbers online, there is only one legitimate supplier of ISBNs. Using an ISBN supplied by any source other than the official agency will result in a loss of the marketing rights to your book. To order an ISBN number, please go to The cost of a single ISBN is $125.00, while 10 numbers (to use on 10 separate book titles) is $250.00. The general rule is that is best to order the 10 ISBN numbers if you are planning to produce 2 or more titles in the future. The ISBN numbers do not expire over time.


Are the materials used in your books acid free?  

Yes. All materials used in our book production are acid free to ensure a long life for your book.



Do I have to sign a contract?  

No. A contract should never be used when self publishing. A contract is only used when the rights to a book are being negotiated. Some companies now refer to their contracts as "agreements", but this does not change the fact that it is a contract and the rights to your book are being limited.


Are the books you produce considered high quality?

Yes. From the professional cover design to the materials used in our book production, there is no room for improvement in the books we produce.



Is it difficult to have my books put into book stores?  

If your book consists of a professional cover design (not a template design), and is produced using only high quality materials, you should have no problem placing your book for sale in book stores.


Is the hard cover option the best for my book?  

This depends on the type of book you have written. For example, a 20 page children's book would be ideally suited to the softcover format while a family history book would be best suited to the hardcover format. For advice on which binding style would be best for your book, please don't hesitate to call us toll free at 1-866-944-2999.


What is “Short Run” book production?  

“Short run” is a term used to describe printing in small quantity. As a short run book producer, we offer a minimum order of 25 hard cover copies or 50 softcover copies. Other popular options are coil binding and saddle stitch binding. The advantage of producing your book in short run is the ability to test market the book to assess its potential. It is no longer necessary for authors to order large quantities of books and expose themselves to unnecessary financial risk. 


Do I supply my own page layout? 

You have the choice of providing the page layout yourself or having our designers prepare the page layout for you. We provide our professional page layout service free of charge for books containing only text (no photographs, tables, or bulleted lists).Our fee for page layout for books containing photographs is either $3.50 per photograph (a one-time fee) or $1.95 per page (whichever is more economical). For step by step directions on preparing your own page layout, click here.


Do you offer book cover design?  

Yes. We offer a professional cover design service. 


How do I go about getting a copyright for my book?  

For complete information on obtaining copyright protection, ISBN numbers, bar codes, CIP, and a Library of Congress information, please click here. 


What is a proof?

A proof is a copy of your books pages and cover, and is provided in both the printed and electronic formats. The purpose of a proof is to check for errors before final production of your book begins.


Do I receive a proof of my book? 

Yes. We will provide a printed proof copy of your book and cover image for your approval at no additional charge. If errors are found, we will make the necessary corrections and provide either an e-proof online, or a second printed proof.


Where are you located?  

Our address is Suite 5-1377 Border Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3H 0N1.


How long have you been in business?  

Art Bookbindery was established in1951. 


What is the proper resolution I should use when scanning photographs?  


We would recommend scanning your photographs at 300 dpi (or 600 dpi if you plan to enlarge or crop the image on your page).


If my book contains many photos, should I split up my file, or keep it as one large file?


If you are using Microsoft Word to create your pages, we would recommend splitting your manuscript into several files (usually divided into chapters) to keep your file sizes manageable. Working on one large file containing several photographs will cause your computer to run slowly, and become unstable. Other software such as Microsoft Publisher and Adobe InDesign are more suited to handling large files.


How do I submit my finished manuscript for printing?

For complete information on submitting a manuscript, please click here.


How long does the process take?  

Each book has its own unique set of variables, but generally, the process takes approximately 3-5 weeks.


Once I've had my book produced, is getting it re-printed difficult? 

No. Once your book has been produced, it is stored in our archives as a digital file. A simple phone call or email is all it takes to have your book reprinted.


Do I maintain the rights to my book?  

Absolutely. At no time do you ever lose the rights to your book. 


How much does it cost to produce each book?

Basically, the price of producing a book depends on the number of pages, the dimensions of your book (5.5" x 8.5, 8.5" x 11" etc.), and the number of copies you require. To obtain an accurate quotation online, please click here. To receive an immediate quotation, please call us toll free at 1-866-944-2999.


I would like to set up my own pages in the 8.5" x 11" page size. I would like the photos to print to the very edge of the page. Is there a specific way I should be setting up my file? 

Having pages contain images which are printed to the very edge of the page is known as full bleed printing. If you plan to have any full bleed pages, it is important to set up all your pages (even those without full bleed printing) in the slightly larger 8 3/4" x 11 1/4" page size. The pages would then be trimmed back to the original 8 1/2" x 11" size. Keep in mind that the extra 1/8" of printed image will be trimmed away from each edge of the paper, so it is important not to have text  (or images that are important) too close to the very edge of the page.




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