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"...the best part was reading the book in bed to my son during our normal booktime. He was floored that this very professional-looking book he was holding was written by his very own dad. I can’t recommend it enough..."
David Israel
Children's Books are among the fastest growing print genres in the world. The self-publishing process has never been easier for first-time authors and veterans alike to produce their Children's Book.
How Do I Self-Publish?
If you've written your book (or are writing it now), you can visit our Self-Publishing Guide for complete information on the publishing process. Our Self-Publishing Guide details every step in the process to ensure that your book meets the professional standard.
For information regarding page sizes, margins, and font recommendations, our Children's Book Specifics page has complete information and common choices.
Once your manuscript is ready for production, you can get a Price Quote from one of our representatives and begin the process.
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