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Empowering Writers
to Self Publish
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Art Bookbindery helps you
prepare and print your book.
Professional Cover Design to define a brand image for your book.
High-Quality Book Production for durable binding and clear, crisp images and text.
Toll-Free Help from a Self-Publishing professional by telephone or email.
An Independent Website to market your book online through social networks and search engines.
Page Layout and Formatting to prepare your book for print using industry standards.
Online Dashboard lets you follow the progress of your book as it is produced.
Promotional Posters help display your book at events and book signings.
Custom Sizes allow for flexible production to meet your ideal book size.
Print File Archiving keeps your file on hand so you can order more books quickly and easily.
Book Production

Each book we produce is printed and bound in-house with industry standard materials and quality control at every step.

Detailed Progress Reports

Follow the progress of your book through the entire publishing process, from submitting your manuscript to arriving at your doorstep.

Professional Cover Design

A professional cover designer can be assigned to your project, so you can have a cover that both looks excellent and matches the style of your book.

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