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Our 7 Steps to Self-Publishing
We offer a selection of Self-Publishing services tailored to both first-time authors and experienced publishers. To help guide writers through the development of their book, we’ve established a 7 Step Self‑Publishing Process.
Step 1
Edit Your Manuscript
Before submitting your manuscript file, it is important that your manuscript is checked thoroughly for errors. Most errors in a manuscript are in the form of spelling mistakes and missing punctuation. More information on preparing your manuscript is available on the Editing page of our Self-Publishing Guide. If you plan to format your own pages to make your manuscript file print ready, we suggest to visit our Self-Publishing Guide for suggestions on page sizes, margin settings, font styles, etc.

View The Self-Publishing Guide

Step 2
Get a Price Quote
Once you have checked through your manuscript file and corrected any errors, the next step is to get a price quote for the printing of your book. Our quote form allows you to select any of the services you may need. Most services we offer are provided free of charge.

Get a Price Quote

Step 3
Submit Your Files
We are very flexible with how files are submitted. As a rule, files which are 25 megabytes in size or smaller, can be sent to us as an email attachment. These include files which are mainly made up of text, but can contain some images. Larger files can be sent using our file transfer site. Other file transfer sites such as Dropbox can also be used. When using Dropbox, it is best to send a link rather than to share a folder with us.

Submit Your Files

Optional Services
Page Layout
Our professional page layout (also known as page formatting) service is available for any type of book. Our formatting price ranges from free (for illustrated Children’s Books) to a one-time fee of $2.35 per page for very complex layouts commonly seen in books such as Family History / Genealogy Books. The amount of time required for the page layout process depends upon the complexity of the layout, but 5-7 business days is normally sufficient for books such as illustrated Children’s Books, Novels, and Poetry Books. Authors would have full access to the page designer, and final decision over all aspects of the page design.
Cover Design
Our cover design service is available to those who require a full professional cover design, as well as to those who require minor adjustments to their own existing design. Our price for a full professional cover design is a flat fee of $95.00. The amount of time required for the cover design process varies, but most cover designs are completed within 5-7 business days. As with the page layout process, authors would have full access to the cover designer, and final decision over all aspects of the cover design.

Note: Custom website (to market your book online), barcode, and promotional posters are services which are provided free of charge, and do not add additional time to the publishing process.
Step 4
Printed Proof
Once your manuscript file, and cover file are ready for printing, a printed proof is produced and shipped within 2-3 business days. All proofs are sent using UPS next-day delivery (United States), or Purolator next-day delivery (Canada). The printed proof should be examined carefully for errors. If errors are found, adjustments are made to your file, and a new proof issued. Proofs are sent along with a cover letter which shows how to approve your book for printing.
Step 5
Approval to Print
Once we receive your approval of the printed proof, a deposit of approximately 50% is required. The deposit amount would be shown in the cover letter which accompanies the printed proof.
Step 6
Upon approval of your proof, production of your books would begin. The average completion time required is 10 business days.
Step 7
Upon completion of your books the balance of the invoice would be due. Tracking information along with a paid invoice for your order would be sent at the time of shipping.
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