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Choosing a Binding Style
The most common children’s book binding styles are the hardcover, softcover, and saddle stitch formats. The following information will help you select the appropriate binding style for your children's book.

The softcover binding format is easily the most popular binding format for a children’s book. This is mainly due to the lower production cost, and in turn the lower retail price to the buyer. The softcover binding format is a high quality adhesive based binding which includes features such as side gluing for better cover adhesion, milling and notching for superior page adhesion, and side scoring for longer cover life.

L S P Available in:
Landscape, Square, and Portrait

The hardcover binding style has always been thought of as the premium children's book binding format. Hardcover children’s books consist of a full color printed cover, with a durable gloss or matte laminate finish. They can also include extra features such as a full color dust jacket, and printed endsheets. There are no minimum page count requirements for the hardcover binding format.

L S P Available in:
Landscape, Square, and Portrait
Saddle Stitch

The saddle stitch binding format was once the most popular format for children’s books. A saddle stitch book is similar to the regular softcover binding format except for the fact the book is bound using two staples at the very edge of the spine. Saddle stitch books have largely been replaced by the softcover binding format because the title cannot be printed on the spine of a saddle stitch book. Today, the saddle stitch format is used mostly for children's books which contain fewer than 20 pages.

S P Available in:
Square and Portrait
Quick Reference Guide
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The following information is for those who are preparing their own files for their children's book.

Common Page Sizes:
11” x 8.5” (Landscape)
8.5” x 8.5”
8.5” x 11”
8” x 8”
More About Page Sizes...
Binding Styles:
Softcover (Most Common)
Saddle Stitch
More About Binding Styles...
Landscape format is available in both standard and custom sizes
Page count average:
24 pages
Recommended Children's Book Fonts:
Comic Neue
More About Fonts...
Margin Settings:
Minimum of .5” (top, bottom, left, and right) for text
More About Margins...
Full Bleed Pages:
Full bleed printing is available at no additional charge
More About Bleeds...
Printed Endsheets:
Full color printed endsheets are available
Cover Finish:
Gloss or Matte LayFlat laminate
Dust Jacket:
Dust jackets are available for children's books in both portrait and landscape orientations
Prices depend on the features and details you choose for your children's book. To see an accurate price, you can visit our Price Quote page.
...the best part was reading the book in bed to my son during our normal booktime. He was floored that this very professional-looking book he was holding was written by his very own dad. I can’t recommend it enough...
David Israel
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