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Quick Reference
Self-Publishing a Poetry Book

Self-publishing your collection of poetry has never been easier. Along with services such as page layout and cover design, we offer toll-free assistance (1-866-944-2999) to answer all your questions.

Common Page Sizes:
Binding Styles:
Softcover (Most Common)
More About Binding Styles...
Average Page Count:
70-100 pages
Recommended Fonts:
More About Fonts...
Margin Settings:
0.7” (top, bottom, left, and right)
0.2" Gutter
More About Margins...
Full Bleed Pages:
Most Common Order:
100-200 Copies
Text Justification:
Commonly left justification, or center justification
Printed Endsheets:
Cover Finish:
Gloss or Matte Laminate
Dust Jacket:
Yes (hardcover format only)
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